MasterOPC Multi-Protocol OPC Server

Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server is a modular OPC server. It supports a wide range of well-known and widely used industrial protocols such as (SNMP, Profinet, IEC 60870-5-104, etc.). A user can develop his own protocol in Visual C++, and plug it into the server. In addition, Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server can operate as OPC UA server, OPC UA client, IEC104 server or OPC DA client.

Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server is a modular OPC server that provides device data acquisition via various protocols. In addition, the server provides the following features:

  • Support custom protocols written in Visual C++ – for users skilled in Visual C++

  • Support custom protocols written in the built-in script programming language – for automation engineers

The built-in script programming language is the same as for MasterOPC Universal Modbus Server.

Unique technical peculiarities

Support of the following OPC standards:

1. OPC DA (Data Access, processed data)

2. OPC HDA (Historical Data Access, archived data), including archiving instantaneous values of acquired variables. Archival storage of acquired variables is organized using built-in SQL server

3. OPC UA complies with modern cross-platform software standards

Support of OPC UA standard, including data transfer in open or encrypted mode. OPC UA is based not on Microsoft DCOM but on open cross-platform technologies. This provides secure data transfer not only over a local network but over any routed network, including Internet. Communication with OPC UA clients on other operating systems (for instance, Linux or Android) is also available.

In favor of the built-in OPC DA client, Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server provides conversion from OPC DA to OPC UA. If an OPC UA client is not installed on the remote computer, Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server can perform reverse conversion from UA to DA or had, in this case DA/HDA data transfer is exhibited using tunneling protocol over routed networks, where the referred protocols cannot be used directly in the underlying network.

The built-in IEC 60870-5-104 server provides data transfer to IEC104 clients via the tunneling protocol that protocol. This enables Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server to work with other data acquisition systems that are based on different communication protocols (SNMP, Profinet, other OPC servers, etc.), and transfer data received via IEC-104 clients using the usual data transfer and routing methods).

The built-in programming editor provides initial processing of the received data from external devices as well as processing of the data being sent to external devices. The script language can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Development of new drivers

  • Development of signal simulators and generators

  • Data transfer with other programs

  • Writing data to a database

Supported Operating systems:

  • Windows 7

  • Windows Server 2008R2

  • Windows 8, Windows 8.1

  • Windows Server 2012

  • Windows 10

Licensing of Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server

In Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server, by default drivers of all protocols are plugins in the main server program. In addition, the server may contain the following plugins:

  • User Protocol – for developing custom protocols in C++

  • User Script – for developing custom protocols using the built-in programming language

The demo version of Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server includes all plugins but limited to support 32 tags only.

A dongle version of Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server includes the respective plugin (or plugins) without restrictions on tags count. Note: A dongle version by default include all other plugins in its demo version (that is with tags count restriction); Plugins in the demo version may be disabled by the user.