OPC Server for Omron Controllers

OPC Server for Omron Controllers

Omron Corporation is one of leaders of Japanese instrument making industry. For over 70 years, the corporation has been producing a variety of products in such fields as electronic components, PLCs, automotive and medical electronics.

Omron PLCs are widely used in various of fields, especially in assembly lines, machines, batching systems, etc. The controllers have established themselves as high-performance, reliable, functional and affordable solutions. In Omron networks, the controllers use the FINS protocol to communicate between themselves.

FINS is an open communication protocol. The most of controllers and networks of Omron support that protocol. The FINS protocol operates in Ethernet networks (via the UDP transport protocol) as well as over serial communication channels (RS-232, RS-485 or GSM).

Omron MasterOPC Server is destined to integrate Omron equipment into systems of automation and dispatching via the FINS protocol. The server is implemented as a plugin for Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server.

OPC Server for Omron Controllers
OPC Server for Omron Controllers

The Benefits of the Omron OPC Server

The Omron OPC server provides extra reliability and safety for the control system. The product eliminates the need to develop programs that collect data from all devices. The FINS OPC server for the Omron equipment allows to concentrate on the work with the received data. The software supports a simple script language which makes it possible to process the read information before it is recorded. The archives are stored in a built-in SQL server.

The Omron OPC server is a high-performance server that ensures years of stable work. The program is built on basic standards and meets every requirement for software designed for engineers and system integrators. These benefits explain why the product is in high demand.

Main Characteristics of Omron MasterOPC Server

  • Support of the following standards: OPC DA, OPC HDA and OPC UA
  • Communication with devices via the following interfaces: Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485
  • Monitoring of values of variables
  • Remote access to the server via DCOM
  • Connection to several devices simultaneously
  • Operation with several clients simultaneously
  • Export/import of tags and devices
  • Archiving of tags; transmission of archives via OPC HDA
  • Import of tags from the “Omron CX-Programmer” development environment

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008R2
  • Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 10

How Can I Order an OPC Server?

The free version of the FINS OPC server for 32-tag Omron equipment integration is available for download on the site. It is a fully functional software suitable for use in small companies.

To order an Omron OPC server for 500 or more input/output points, add the product to the shopping cart and fill in all the fields in the form. After a while our manager will call you to clarify payment and delivery conditions. To learn more about FINS OPC server for Omron devices or discuss ways to partner with us, contact us by e-mail or phone that you can find in the Contacts section.

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  • A dongle
  • A software key
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A software key is generated for launching the respective OPC server on one computer only. If such a protection mechanism is used, an OPC server cannot be transferred onto other computer. When launching an OPC server for the first time, the code is generated. You should send that code to the sales department. Next, you receive a software key (an unlock code). You should input that key. After that, your OPC server starts, and, in future, never demands that you input the key.
This version has no restrictions on functionality and number of tags during the trial period of 1 month.
A dongle is a small device that plugs into a USB port of a computer and provides the use of the OPC server on the computer. If required, such an OPC server can be transferred onto any other computer: simply plug the USB dongle and install the product, using the delivered distributive. A dongle is sent by mail, and postage is paid by the buyer.
This version supports 32 tags at the most. The version is not trial, it is provided for use in small projects. * without VAT
Demo version The demo version supports unlimited number of tags but an operation time of that version in the run-time mode is limited. In addition, the demo version has some other functional restrictions. 1. 1 hour in the run-time mode. After 1 hour the server goes to the design-time mode, and the run-time mode can be launched again.
2. The server cannot be launched as a Windows service.
3. When connecting a client the server does not start automatically. You should launch the server, using the respective button. After that clients can be connected to the server.
Free version This version supports 32 tags at the most. The version is not trial, it is provided for use in small projects.
Free version does not support redundancy, MQTT, ODBC, IEC 60870-5-104