4 argument in favor of OPC Unified Architecture


OPC Unified Architecture is the latest of developed specifications. It consolidates functions of the previously released versions and contains some innovations. An independent communicational stack was created for this standard. It has served as a substitute for COM/DCOM frameworks. But it’s not the only advantage of OPC UA standard. Let’s look more closely at specification’s main benefits.

OPC UA basic advantages

    • No attaching to COM/DCOM. Windows is one of the most popular operating systems. Computers running this OS are most commonly used for automatization of different technological and manufacturing processes. The Microsoft company have been talking for a long time about giving DCOM up. If this is made a reality, basic OPC versions will become out-of-date quickly.
    • Unified data model. There are DA, AE and HDA functions provided in OPC UA. The standard ensures access to events, real time and historical data. It simplifies handling of data significantly.
    • Losses-free data transferring. Not long ago a connection lost during data exchange has led to loss of information. It’s not crucial in most cases. But the OPC technology is recently being more and more often introduced into industries where a stable data record is important. This problem is solved in OPC UA.
    • Advanced data protection. Industrial networks often overlap with office ones, which present an additional risk of unauthorized access to information. OPC UA security is based on authorization, authentication, encryption etc.

How to buy plug-ins?

Need an OPC UA Client? You can purchase a full version of the product on our site – just add a desired position to a cart and place an order. Please note: there are two purchase options available. The first one is a dongle, which allows you to use the application on several computers. The second one is a program key, which serves as an application unlock code for a single workplace. Have any questions? Send us an e-mail. All the addresses are provided in the “Contacts” section.

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