SNMP: core components


SNMP: core components

Today, support for SNMP is provided in almost all network devices. This is one of the basic and simplest standards for managing different equipment in IP networks. It is designed to work with routers, printers, servers, switches, uninterruptible power supplies, etc. With this protocol, you can not only manage various processes, but also monitor resource consumption, evaluate system performance, configure connected devices, and detect malfunctions.

SNMP is easy to integrate into the network infrastructure of any enterprise, since the protocol has an uncomplicated structure. Five essential components are needed for the implementation.

• Managed object. It can be either a computer or a separate software application. It receives commands from the operator and sends them to the manager.
• Manager program. It receives data from the managed object and processes it. Then, according to the established algorithm, it redirects the information to the server using the SNMP protocol.
• MIB database. It looks like a tree. Each of its elements is assigned a unique identifier. The main function of the database is addressing variables.
• Agent application. It is installed on the managed device. It is used to collect the necessary information. It is also designed to receive changes and send them to the manager.
• Network communication system. It allows the administrator to contact several managers at once. This feature makes it possible to monitor the entire network infrastructure.


You can buy SNMP OPC Server to monitor the operation of the local network. With this software application, the operator gets access to information about line breaks, traffic, etc. The software has a simple graphical interface, supports various types of data and is characterized by high performance. It is easy to work with the OPC Server. The training will not take you much time. Please call the phone number indicated on the website to find more detailed information about the product.

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