Concept of a system based on OPC UA


OPC UA is a new generation standard. The specification was developed in 2006. Its purpose is data exchange in various automation systems. The unified architecture eliminated the shortcomings of the previously released versions. OPC UA is designed for stable communication between devices without regard to their platform. It provides virus protection and guarantees authenticity of information.

The standard does not provide for communication with COM/DCOM technologies. New transport mechanisms made it possible to dispense with it. This feature greatly enhances the security of information exchange. OPC UA combines the functionality of all the existing specifications.

System features

Various automation systems are based on OPC UA. They can include a large number of clients and servers. The client role is performed by the application program. It makes a service request through the provided interface. The request passes through the communication stack, where it is converted to invoke messages. Answers to them are also received there, after which they are sent to the client program.

OPC UA Server is an application responsible for storing and archiving data. It receives requests from the client and sends answers to them. All this is done through the application program interface. You can receive information from the server in two modes. The first one includes a request and instant response. The second one is implemented according to the “publisher-subscriber” scheme. That is, the client subscribes to the necessary data and receives it as it appears.


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