The Modbus Device Emulator


Oftentimes, the necessary devices can be unavailable to software developers. For example, to create a PLC application, you will need input/output modules which support a certain protocol. What can they be substituted with?

When developing a Modbus virtual network, one can take advantage of a specialized emulator. Actually, this is software, which is able to imitate Slave-type devices. Due to an embedded script language, the solution simulates a variety of technological processes. That being said, a developer does not necessarily need to have regulators, controllers, sensors etc. at hand. The emulator makes building virtual networks much easier.

Emulator Operation Features

Emulators of Modbus devices mimic how the latter work over the serial RS-232 interface, RS-485, USB etc. Most of the time, this kind of software can simulate not just one, but numerous aggregates assigning them a unique Modbus network address. Also, emulators can feature such characteristics as:

  • mimicking any algorithm;
  • unrestricted configuration capacity;
  • both Modbus RTU and TCP operation is supported;
  • running under all Windows operating system versions;
  • free versions for commercial use are available.

A Modbus device emulator will be helpful not only to those involved in virtual network applications development. It can also be leveraged by network equipment testers, system integrators, programming students and others. The software also can be applied in communication channels diagnostics, equipment imitation stands or OPC server debugging.

Modbus OPC Server

Looking for a free Modbus OPC Server? You can download a free 32-tag version from our website. It features unlimited usage time. For larger networks, we offer the OPC Server with an unlimited number of tags. You can try the software out prior to purchasing it. For this end, a demonstration version is available.

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