OPC server read and write functions


OPC programming technologies are widespread throughout industrial automatization sphere. They were developed in order to provide open communication. Before the first specifications entered the market, equipment manufacturers had been spending a lot of money and time to create accompanying applications. This necessity disappeared on its own after OPC had been introduced. The standard provides an universal data exchange interface which is compatible with equipment of different producers and years of manufacture. There’ve been five specifications released so far. All of them implement a data read and write function. One of the most common is OPC DA. Let’s break it down into details.

OPC Data Access capabilities

This standard is considered to be the leading and the most popular one. Its primary functions are data reading and its subsequent writing. The standard ensures a stable real-time exchange of information between different devices. It’s suitable for working with programmable logical controllers, administration and automatization systems, machines, industrial robots and other engineering solutions.

OPC Data Access implements the following IOPC interfaces:

    • Server – intended for server’s status monitoring and adding of clients;
    • Group MGT – used to control clients’ groups;
    • Browse Server Address Space – ensures tags’ configuration;
    • Sync IO – requests and captures data synchronously;
    • Async IO – reading and writing of information in asynchronous mode;
    • Data Call Back – implements a function of subscription to specific tags.

How to buy the software product?

If you want to buy OPC Server, create an account on the site and place an order. Free software with 32 tags is available for small companies. We suggest to download a trial demo version for testing. Have any questions regarding the software products? Contact us by calling the phone number provided on the site.

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