Hybrid factor of PROFIBUS


PROFIBUS is the most common one among flexible fieldbus solutions. This industrial network was created on the basis of the German concern Siemens AG developments. Today its support and development is the responsibility of PNO.
An open bus combines various automation devices into one system. It connects controllers to sensors and other executive equipment, as well as provides stable data exchange. Simultaneous use of several transmission protocols is allowed. PROFIBUS DP/ PA/FMS versions are available. These standards can function on the same fieldbus because they are based on the same technology.

What are the main features of this fieldbus?

PROFIBUS is widely used in various industries: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc. Production processes at such enterprises are often hybrid. Applications for process automation comprise a variety of operations:

    • identification,
    • mixing,
    • filling,
    • packing,
    • transportation, etc.

In this regard, serious requirements are imposed on the fieldbus. The industrial network must ensure reliable connection between equipments and uninterrupted transmission of a large amount of information. Today PROFIBUS is one of the most effective solutions. This is due to modern transmission technologies, a unified profile for data exchange and additional application profiles.

In addition, PROFIBUS has an undeniable advantage. It allows you to connect technological and industrial networks to a single cable. This significantly reduces the cost of designing, installation, staff training and maintenance work.

Applications for process automation

On our website, you can buy a licensed Profibus OPC Server for one workplace or a portable one. To do this, you need to select the appropriate version, add the item to the cart and place an order. The cost of the software product is exclusive of VAT. You can find more information about the application in the corresponding section of the website.

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