History of creation and development of OPC standard


History of creation and development of OPC standard

OPC technology is designed for unified interaction of software and hardware in automation systems. Protocols create convenient data exchange between controllers and control devices. This is the perfect solution for business. Any SCADA-systems can connect to OPC-servers. Modern technology enables the client to be independent from drivers and other intelligent devices. This allows users to choose the optimal equipment that fully meets the requirements of the business.

Preconditions for the development of OPC

Before OPC standard was created, each release of the new equipment required the development of an appropriate client application. Thus, it took a lot of time and human resources. Thousands of people were involved in providing support for SCADA and HMI systems. If manufacturer did not have sufficient knowledge to create program products, it has to outsource the job. This caused a lot of inconvenience.

The development of OPC technology was an important step in software development. New protocols have provided the interchangeability and scalability of software and hardware. They let the manufacturers focus on improving the functions of their equipment for management systems.

The first company which set the task of unifying standards was WinSEM group of companies. In the early 90s of the last century, the basic mechanism for data exchange was DDE. The problem was that it had poor bandwidth and did not provide information transfer via the network. Key OPC specifications were defined in 1995 and in 1996 the first version was released. The control and development of new technology was entrusted to the independent non-profit organization called OPC Foundation.

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