MasterOPC: Modern OPC Solutions for Today Challenges


The InSAT company, a leading Russian software developer with more than 25 years of experience,

presents own OPC solutions. We offer OPC servers for the most popular industrial protocols (Modbus OPC,

BACnet, SNMP OPC, Profinet and IEC 60870-5- 104) as well as Master OPC Tunneler, a solution for creation of

OPC tunnels in various networks via a secure protocol based on OPC UA.

The complex of our solutions is based on two products, Modbus Universal MasterOPC Server and Multi-

Protocol MasterOPC Server. Modbus Universal MasterOPC Server is an OPC server for the Modbus

protocol; in addition, this product provides an ability to support own protocols, using the built-in

programming language. Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server is an extensible modular OPC server that

provides communication via various network protocols.

Our OPC servers feature a modern, friendly user interface, high speed and stable operation, high

functionality, and low prices. They support all of modern protocols – OPC DA 2.05, OPC HDA 1.2 and

OPC UA. In addition, our OPC servers can operate in some non-trivial OPC modes such as IEC 60870-5-

104 server, OPC UA client or OPC DA client. This transforms an OPCserver into a communication hub

with incredible features.

Our OPC servers are time-tested. They are successfully used in various industries such as gas and

petroleum industry, transportation of energy resources, generation and transmission of electrical

power, boilers, IHP systems, mechanical engineering, building automation, and technical and

commercial stock-taking.

Our company strives to offer high-quality modern solutions at reasonable prices. All functionality of OPC

servers is available in trial and demo versions.

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