Mitsubishi MasterOPC Server


InSAT company has released a new OPC-server designed to integrate Mitsubishi industrial automation equipment with automation and supervision systems.

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the divisions of Mitsubishi Japanese conglomerate. Mitsubishi MELSEC-branded programmable logic controllers are known for their high reliability and performance for almost 40 years! MELSEC PLCs are among the best-selling in the world.
Mitsubishi MasterOPC Server allows to integrate Mitsubishi controllers with automation and supervision systems without using gateways and third-party software. An open proprietary SLMP protocol is used (also called MC protocol) is used for data transfer between Mitsubishi PLC and upper layer.
Mitsubishi MasterOPC Server offered by InSAT Company is implemented as a plug-in to the Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server and delivers following functional capabilities:
  • supporting OPC DA, OPC HDA, OPC UA standards
  • using Ethernet networks with transport protocols TCP and UDP;
  • importing tags from the GX-Works programming environment;
  • working with several clients simultaneously;
  • own SQL-server (for archive storage);
  • high performance and speed.

Mitsubishi MasterOPC Server offers high functionality, ease of configuration, speed and stability of operation and is distributed at a fairly loyal price.
You can download Multi-Protocol MasterOPC with support for Mitsubishi equipment from the page Mitsubishi MasterOPC Server.

Two demo versions of MasterOPC Server are available:
  • free version with 32-tag limit: download
  • free trial-version with limited continuous execution time - 1 hour, but unlimited number of tags: download

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