ОРС DA server in MS Excel environment


ОРС DA server in MS Excel environment

ОРС DA is one of the widely used protocol and versatile way to communicate in the automation layer in all types of industry. The specification provides opportunity to write and read data in real time. OPC DA provides a stable exchange of information between physical devices and clients’ applications.

Seamless integration is one of the specific features of technology. Thanks to seamless integration OPC DA can be easily installed; it ensures effective operation and provides convenient view of tags. The software products of this family are used in process flow control, management of industrial objects, corporation networks, etc.

Operation of specification with Microsoft applications

When installing on Windows personal computer, software is automatically added into Windows Registry. OPC DA server can work in MS Excel environment. Automation technology supported by Visual Basic provides interaction between OPC DA server and MS Excel. Software package includes it. How to connect OPC DA server with MS Excel:

  • open Visual Basic Editor window;
  • select a menu item in Tools/References;
  • find in the list Available References required library item and tick it.

After that the list of OPC DA server’s objects must be displayed in Object Browser. The procedure Connect is used for connection of specification with MS Excel. Before connection the module must be created in Visual Basic. The header should indicate Server and Group variables with Public visibility area. More information on operation of OPC DA server with MS Excel can be found in manual on software development.

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