OPC technology


OPC technology

OPC technology is a set of functional standards that provide a convenient and secure data exchange. It is difficult to overestimate its usefulness. The main advantages of the specifications include ease of operation. For example, if you replace a component of the system, you do not need to reinstall the programs, since the OPC runs over the driver. Despite all the advantages, this technology still does not cover all software products. However, the OPC is gradually becoming more popular.

Integration features

There are several fields of application of the OPC server in the automated enterprise management system. It is most convenient to implement it on computers with a Windows operating system that supports COM/DCOM. All versions released since 1995 are suitable.

In this case, the software product is installed over the existing driver. After integrating the OPC specification, you do not need to modify the applications, since the interface remains the same.

How to buy software?

On our website, you can order an OPC server on favorable terms. To do this, add the product to the cart and leave your contact information. Our manager will call you back soon to confirm the purchase. Please call the number specified to verify the details of payment and delivery.

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