OPC Tunneling


OPC Tunneling

OPC technology originated more than 20 years ago. When the stable version entered the market, its popularity began to grow steadily. The specifications have found wide application in the field of industrial automation. The high demand for the protocols resulted from the freedom to select a client application. The software allows you to collect information from various facilities of the enterprise. As a result, there was a need to connect the OPC to the network.
When trying to connect a remote OPC DA/HDA server, many people face the problem of configuring connection. This is due to the fact that DCOM does not fully comply with the requirements of the security system. There is another difficulty associated with the use of the OPC through this protocol: the consumption of a large amount of network traffic. Special programs are provided to solve all these problems.

Tunneler principle of operation

OPC tunneling improves the security of data transmission through special encryption methods. Special programs are used for this purpose. They are called tunnelers or bridges. They change the order of data transfer. It looks like this:

  • connection of the client application to the OPC tunneler;
  • receipt of requests and their conversion to TCP;
  • forwarding encrypted messages to the tunneler installed on the OPC server computer;
  • transformation of the request and sending it to the OPC server for processing.

The answers are sent to the client in the same way. This is the principle of operation of most tunnelers. All of them exclude DCOM and replace it with TCP.

MasterOPC Tunneler

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