OPC UA Applications


OPC UA Applications

OPC UA stands for unified architecture. As of today, this is the latest specification released by the non-profit organization OPC Foundation. This standard differs significantly from the previous ones. It combines the features of the previously released protocols and does not depend on the hardware and software platform. It is responsible for the interaction of systems and devices through different networks, as well as provides reliable data delivery and secure communication as it can resist virus attacks. Unlike earlier specifications, the OPC UA has multiple connections between nodes. This extends the scope of application of software and allows using it to solve problems in different areas.

Application Features

The previous OPC standards were based on COM and DCOM technologies. This caused some inconvenience. For example, you could use only Microsoft Windows OS, you could not configure timeouts, etc. OPC UA Applications moved to a service-oriented architecture (SOA). It is based on different logical levels. Its main principle is independence from programming languages, computing platforms and applications.

OPC UA Applications, be it OPC UA Client or OPC server, consist of multiple layers. They perform three main functions:

1. data encoding and decoding;
2. transferring information over the network;
3. ensuring the safety of transportation.

The advantages of the OPC UA protocol are:

•.NET and Java versions,
• object orientation,
• scalability,
• information security.

How to purchase?

We offer you to buy OPC UA Client on favorable terms. The software application can be pre-tested. For this purpose, a free demo is provided. It supports an unlimited number of tags. To order a fully functional product, please leave your request on the website or call us at the number specified. The manager will give you more details about our offers and consult you on all issues.

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