OPC UA Security


OPC UA Security

OPC UA is a modern communication standard. It is used for data transmission in industrial networks. It allows you to combine various technological devices into a single system. Unlike other specifications, it is based on a client-server platform. The benefits of the software product include improved performance and high protection. A multi-layered concept is provided for OPC UA security. This concept includes authorization and authentication, as well as data encryption.

Transport Layer

OPC UA provides message security for the binary protocol and web services. There is also a mixed version. It has a binary code, but the transport layer is represented by SOAP, namely HTTPS. OPC Foundation did not invent a new security mechanism and was guided by the Web Service Security specifications. They are compatible with .NET and other SOAP specifications. This is why they are used for web services. The same algorithms, converted to their binary equivalents, were adopted for the binary protocol. They are called UA Secure Conversation.

Application Layer

OPC UA provides several security mechanisms. A certificate is used to identify the application operator. You can also specify a user/individual password combination. Information access rights can be set for each individual network unit. For example, the operator is allowed to collect data, the administrator is allowed to record the information received, and the guest cannot view nodes. Also, thanks to the audit mechanism, you can track value changes, i.e. who made them and when.

How to purchase software?

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