OPC server for Omron, IEC-61850, MQTT and ODBC


OPC server for Omron, IEC-61850, MQTT and ODBC

We are proud to announce a new series of OPC servers developed by our company. 

We added support for dedicated OPC server for Omron controllers.

Omron is a global manufacturer and one of the leading companies on the Japanese instrument market. For more than 70 years the company has been manufacturing various products for electronic components, PLCs, automotive and medical applications.

Omron MasterOPC Server enables integration of Omron-branded industrial automation products, including PLCs, I/O modules, motion controllers and HMI panels into automation and control solutions. Omron industrial automation products communicate with higher level management system using open protocol FINS.

Omron MasterOPC Server can be used as a plug-in to Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server and communicates with other devices using Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. It supports most memory regions of the controller and allows OPC developers to import tags from the CX-Programmer environment for easier workflow. For more product details see:

OPC server for Omron controllers

Another new product is OPC server with IEC 61850 protocol implementation. This protocol refers to an open standard establishing data communication requirements for communication networks utilized by power facilities. IEC 61850 MasterOPC server enables integration of products meeting IEC 61850 standard requirements into SCADA-system without using additional hardware.

Our OPC server supports all protocols specified by IEC 61850:

·         MMS protocol for receiving online data from peripheral equipment.

·         Read files – MMS type protocol intended to receive files generated by controller (e.g., COMTRADE waveforms).

·         GOOSE – receive broadcast messages sent by equipment.

This OPC server offers  built-in functionality for import tags directly from device.

Our third product can be considered as basic functionality extension rather than an OPC server. Previously we already made  first step towards converting our products from simple OPC servers to communication hubs by adding support for IEC 60870-5-104 servers. Now we added ODBC client support to our OPC server.

ODBC client is needed when certain applications that do not support OPC technology are used for higher level management system instead of traditional SCADA-system: MES, ERP, tracking systems, cloud services. Unlike other products available on the market, our ODBC approach offers virtually unlimited flexibility by using embedded script editor. This allows user to create SQL requests of any form (read or write access) and to process input (or output) data using scripts. OPC server install package includes examples describing how to use ODBC and a detailed example provided in the help system.

ODBC client is included with User Script plug-in in all versions of Multi-Protocol MasterOPC server except for Free version. For Modbus Universal MasterOP, client is included and provides basic scripting functionality and is also  available for all versions except for Free version.

For more details about ODBC-client see products pages:

Our fourth product refers to MQTT protocol support added to our OPC server to enable integration of IoT ("Internet of Things") and various cloud services.

MQTT is an open simplified dedicated protocol for TCP/IP networks. Basically, MQTT protocol is used for communication of different smart home system components: switches, temperature and light sensors, etc. Also, MQTT protocol offers wide data communication capabilities for various cloud services, e.g. Microsoft Azure.

OPC server includes MQTT client as a special tag attributes allowing you to configure tag data publication or reception.

Server installation package includes MQTT_Demo configuration for sending changing value and receiving data from other devices via hivemq.com cloud broker. When needed to verify configuration performance, you can connect to this broker using the same login and view data sent by the server. Browser extension MQTTLens can be used as such a client.

MQTT protocol will be available for Modbus Universal MasterOPC server and Multi-Protocol MasterOPC server. For Modbus Universal MasterOP, this functionality will be available for Unlim and Trial versions. For Multi-Protocol MasterOPC server, it will be available with MQTT-Client option.

For more details about MQTT client see product pages:

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