The Specific Aspects of PROFINET Industrial Networks


The Specific Aspects of PROFINET Industrial Networks

PROFINET, a product of Siemens company, is a communication standard with extended functionality. It is widely used in industrial automation systems and allows for data exchange among all corporate levels via Ethernet. The communication standard is now often used in building distributed I/O systems, as well as in managing distributed intelligence systems. The data is transferred by means of optical fibers and copper cables with the speed reaching 100 Mbps.

The advantages of PROFINET networks include:

  • real-time operation,
  • simplified engineering of automation systems,
  • support of standard mechanisms for data transfer,
  • interaction with other networks by means of gateways,
  • operability in hard conditions.


Our catalogue contains OPC Server PROFINET designed specifically for Siemens controllers. It supports various devices of S7 range, such as -200, -300, -400, -1200, and -1500, and provides a stable connection between the equipment and the apps. The advantages of the software include: a short response time, great performance, and high data exchange speed. Here are some functional peculiarities of OPC Server PROFINET:

  • the ability to connect to several devices at the same time,
  • continuous data collection,
  • control over variable values,
  • direct tag import,
  • the ability to work with more than two clients simultaneously.

An OPC Server interacts with blocks of data, memory cells, inputs, outputs, timers, etc. It is a great solution for working with Siemens controllers.

How Do I Order the Software?

You can buy an OPC Server PROFINET at a low price on our site. Just place your order or contact us on the phone. There is also a free demo version available that allows you to test the software before you buy it. The demo version supports a lot of tags but is limited in time. For more information on our offers, please call our manager.

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