Why shouldn't use OPC instead of BACnet?


Why shouldn't use OPC instead of BACnet?

OPC is the type of technology being used in systems of technological processes management and automation of objects. It is a centralized solution that defines a software interfaces therein lies its main drawbacks and side effects. The centralization limits scalability so that OPC is seldom used in designing of large systems. This architecture type greatly depends on the reliable long term operation of OC Windows and on computer’s capabilities. Such dependence is also a weak point of the centralization.

BACnet is data communication protocol. It is supporting multiple types of objects and is spread widely in automation systems at various large workstations. It is often used in airports, shopping malls, department stores and large office premises and buildings. Its main function is to standardize communication between different manufacturers’ equipment and between building automation devices from various vendors. This communication protocol allows all equipment to work together easily and all data to be shared and exchanged persistently.

BACnet is differentiated from OPC by being designed as object-oriented. The former is higher-level distribution protocol. Technology OPC is close to memory array architecture. For this reason system maintenance cost appears higher. Nevertheless, most applications can access both OPC and BACnet at the same time and it depends only on software driver of workstations.

BACnet OPC Server

BACnetOPC server is intended to operate with principal version of protocol — IP. It runs on Ethernet, GPRS, and Wi-Fi networks. The software supports major suite of standards — OPC DA/HDA/UA. It is easy for use. The server implements the specific utility for automatically import tags and devices. You should know only the address of BACnet controller.

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