Multiple connection support


Multiple connection support

The integration of the OPC into a network is a complex task, the solution of which makes many users experience serious problems. They are caused by DCOM. The network protocol creates a lot of difficulties when using the modern technology for industrial automation. It does not provide data transfer in real time, consumes large amounts of traffic, and has security gaps. Tunnelers will help to solve the problems.

Tunneling features

OPC tunneling allows you to exclude DCOM. In most cases, the network protocol is replaced with the TCP. This solution increases the security of data transmission, as all information is sent in encrypted form.

Multiple connections overload the network. When using OPC tunneling, users do not directly connect to the server but use a local app. It can accept a huge number of requests from any clients. When connecting new OPC clients, the network load does not increase. Therefore, the use of tunnelers is especially important in limited-resource systems.

When using multiple connections, you need to check for cross-user interaction. There are tunnelers that sequentially process requests when connecting a large number of clients. Serialization significantly reduces the efficiency of this solution. If any OPC client sends a request that needs substantial time for processing, then all the others will have to queue. They will be blocked, which will negatively affect the system`s performance.

MasterOPC Tunneler

Do you need an OPC Tunneler? On our website, you can buy the software product on favorable terms. The OPC UA is used as an intermediate protocol. All data is transmitted as a binary sequence. The software allows you to create distribution systems with any number of servers and clients.

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