Advantages of PROFINET


PROFINET is an abbreviation of the process field network. An open communication standard allows you to significantly increase the performance of automation systems. It provides more opportunities for data exchange, as well as simplifies designing industrial communication systems. PROFINET is a modular structure, so users can choose a certain set of functions they need for their work.

Strong points

Today PROFINET is considered to be one of the best automation standards among all industrial solutions. It has a lot of advantages, due to which the performance is significantly increased. Let’s consider its main advantages in detail.

    • Compliance with all communication requirements. PROFINET was based on Industrial Ethernet. The communication standard involves the transfer of large amounts of data and I/O signals. It is also worth noting that all applications are connected to each other via a single cable.
    • Flexible topology. The PROFINET network supports not only the line structure, but also the ring, tree and star structures. Therefore, integration into existing systems and production processes of enterprises is not difficult. In addition, the advantage of the network also lies in the absence of the need for restructuring in case of topology extension.
    • High network performance. PROFINET shows good results even when working with resource-consuming applications. Short data processing time and maximum accuracy of cycles are one of the main advantages of the standard.
    • Design simplicity. PROFINET is a set of functions, for which a single cable is sufficient. The network is created in the shortest possible time. Production downtime is minimized as comprehensive diagnostics of devices and networks is provided.

Software for process automation

Our company offers you to buy a licensed PROFINET OPC Server. Not sure about its capabilities? Download its demo version to test the software product. It is free of charge, but is limited in time. The price is exclusive of VAT. Need more information about the application? You can find it from our manager by phone.

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