Possible applications of OPC servers in enterprise automated control systems


Possible applications of OPC servers in enterprise automated control systems

An OPC server is a program that is widely used for solving industrial automation tasks. It is designed for easy data collection. Its main functions are polling controllers and transmitting the received information to the top-level. This is one of the most common solutions used in automated process control systems.

Features of using OPC servers

This OPC specification is extremely easy to integrate. It ensures the user`s independence from specific drivers. You can choose equipment from any manufacturer to solve your particular problems. The OPC server is installed over the driver, which is very convenient. If the system components are partially or completely replaced, there is no need to adjust the software.

One of the most suitable options for implementing the protocol is an analog-to-digital converter, for which the driver, installed on a computer that is running Windows, is responsible. If the operating system does not support COM/DCOM, you can use a two-component OPC server. In this case, you need to install the network module. It communicates with controlling applications and the OPC specification. You can also implement the OPC server as a gateway to the fieldbus network. The interaction between the program and the network occurs through the adapter driver. There are many similar schemes on the Internet.

The OPC server uses a closed date exchange protocol. All collected information is transmitted in a unified form. Thanks to this feature, any equipment can be integrated into the system. This is the reason for the high demand for OPC specifications.

How to buy licensed software?

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