PROFINET technological components: driver


PROFINET is one of the most common industry standards used to automate various processes. Its popularity is due to its openness and modular structure. Its users can independently perform functionality cascading.
The two main perspectives of PROFINET are: CBA and IO. They can work on the basis of a single system bus either individually or jointly. This standard implies three protocols: TCP/IP, RT, and IRT. To display the topology, tools like TH Scope are used.

Where can it be used?

Connecting components of distributed I/O stations to applications is impossible without a PROFINET driver. It can be installed on any computers. The software is even used in the standard individual lines. Their peculiarity is that they do not connect machines to each other. Understanding of the C programming language and the ability to import software into OS are enough for working with the driver.

The PROFINET software can be used on standard computers with an Ethernet interface. The driver can work in various operating systems. It comes with a portable source code. The package also provides examples of how to use the solution in popular OS environments, including industrial machinery.

How does the driver work?

The PROFINET driver is a portable C code. The user can integrate it into applications that are used at the enterprise. A special XML file is used to connect drives and other field level devices. You can create it manually or generate it.
The development license is provided in the package. To continue working with the driver, you have to buy Runtime. You can order this license for multiple I/O stations. More information about the software product can be obtained from special documentation. It is also included in the delivery package.

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