Redundancy for OPC


Redundancy for OPC

No one is immune to the situation when the operator does not receive the necessary data on production processes. This trouble may occur in case of a poor network connection, HMI system failures, problems with the fieldbus, etc. Redundancy allows you to minimize the risk of losing information and ensure its maximum availability. Redundancy refers to the duplication of the entire system or its specific parts. Backups are created to eliminate a single point of failure. Their essence is as follows: if any element ceases to function, the identical component starts working. Thus, data loss can be avoided.

Basic types

There are three types of backup systems. They are classified according to the rate of substitution.

  • «Cold» redundancy. The backup unit is inactive, but it is ready for operation. The backup is launched after a considerable period of time. The software cannot be loaded immediately.
  • «Warm» redundancy. The backup unit is always active. If an error occurs, the backup system is disconnected from the primary system and connected to the secondary one. This takes a few seconds. The data sent to the OPC server upon restart may be lost.
  • «Hot» redundancy. The primary and backup systems work simultaneously and receive the same information flows. Therefore, there is no information loss in case of failures. This is the best option for industries, where even the slightest data loss is unacceptable.

How to order software?

If you want to buy OPC Server, place an order on the website. The program can be pre-tested. Download a free demo version for an unlimited number of tags to evaluate the product functionality. Need more information about OPC Server? Contact us by phone specified in the section “Contacts”. Our manager will advise you on all issues.

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