Network Components PROFINET


Network Components PROFINET

One of the most famous developments of Siemens concern is PROFINET. It is an open communication standard designed for industrial automation. It allows data exchange between different systems. There are three communication channels for information transmission: optical, electrical and wireless.

You can use a large number of components, design tools, and appropriate software to create PROFINET. This standard supports linear, ring, and tree topologies. The following networking components are widely used for network construction.

  • Passive. These are optical cables, twisted pairs 2x2 and various connectors. FastConnect technology significantly facilitates and accelerates network installation, reduces the risk of errors.
  • Active. This group includes industrial SCALANCE switches. The most popular models are X200, X300 and X400. They provide configuration of various PROFINET networks. They also allow the exchange of information in real time.
  • Technological. These are chips ERTEC 200 and 400. Moreover, the group of technological components includes devices for designing, building layouts, developing interfaces.

The use of PROFINET

Open communication standard is most often used in two ways. The first is PROFINET IO. This term is understood as distributed IO systems. They allow you to transfer data at a speed of 100 Mbit/S. The second one is PROFINET CBA. These are modular vendor-independent control systems. They are designed to simplify the organization of communication through the industrial network.


On the website you can order PROFINET OPC server. It is designed as a plug-in for Multi-Protocol MasterOPC server. It is used to work with Siemens controllers. It provides stable management and trouble-free data collection. To buy the software, add the item to your cart and place your order. To get more information about the offer, contact the manager. The phone number is given.

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