SNMP OPC server: product use


SNMP is a standard protocol the main function of which is to control network devices. These may be switches, modem racks, server equipment, printers, multifunction devices, etc. It works on the basis of TCP/UDP architectures. It is widely used in control systems of various commercial organizations and industrial enterprises.

SNMP features

A simple network management protocol is a set of standards. They include:

    • a database schema,
    • a certain list of objects,
    • an application protocol.

SNMP can be implemented in automation systems based on IP networks. It allows you to monitor the connected equipment in accordance with the specified parameters. This solution involves four main components:

    • any managed equipment – a network element with permission to access data;
    • manager – an application running on an administrative computer;
    • agent – software that transmits information to the manager;
    • network management system – software that interacts directly with the manager and provides support for the data that allows you to monitor the status of the IP network.

To organize the exchange of information, the SNMP driver is required. It provides communication through this protocol.

How does SNMP OPC server work?

SNMP OPC server is a kind of platform for connecting network equipment and providing communication with it. It creates contact with the equipment using its protocol. It helps you monitor and analyze SNMP Ethernet supported devices. This allows you to use automation systems with uninterruptible power supply, routers, bridges, access servers, surveillance cameras, and much more.

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