Software for BACnet networks


Software for BACnet networks

Various communication protocols are used in automation systems. BACnet is one of the most common protocols of this type. It is developed specifically for building automation and control. It is usually used at the middle and high levels. Large and complex automation systems are great for implementing this network protocol. As a rule, they are provided for facilities with extensive engineering infrastructure. It may include large complexes of interconnected devices and technologies.

The BACnet industrial network allows the use of devices from different manufacturers if they are implemented on the basis of BIBBs. They are responsible for the exchange of data between the components of the entire system. So, special software for this communication protocol was developed. Let`s consider the most popular packages and applications.

Main software products

• BACtalk. It allows you to manage devices through the operator terminal and supports a full set of functions. The main advantages of this software include an extended graphics library, full-fledged graphics and 3D animation. All this provides convenient real-time data management.
• WEBtalk. It allows you to monitor the building subsystems through a regular browser. The system is designed for automatic reading of data and their translation into web pages. All information is displayed graphically. You can get it only if you have the right of access.
• VisualLogic. Extension for BACtalk. It is necessary to create a control algorithm. It works as a part of dispatch control and autonomously.
• BACnet OPC Server. The plug-in provides convenient data collection in accordance with popular OPC standards. It is compatible with the most famous version of the communication protocol and significantly speeds up the interrogation of devices included in the system.

In Russia, the BACnet networks are not as popular as they are in western countries. If BACnet Driver and other software products are used, they can bring automation and dispatching systems to the next level. This is an excellent solution for large facilities.

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