OPC specifications


OPC specifications

OPC is a set of software technologies that provide reliable and secure data exchange between different automation objects. They are independent of platforms and can connect equipment from different manufacturers into a single system. The main advantage of the standards is a seamless integration: you don't need to develop or purchase expensive software. Due to this feature, the user can easily access any information stored on various devices. Thus, we can describe the OPC as a universal communication driver.

Basic protocols

The first versions of OPC were created back in 1996. Currently, they are produced by leading industry producers and software developers. There is a set of specifications for the standard. Let us list the most common of them:

  • OPC DA ‑ exchange of current data in a real-time mode;
  • OPC HDA ‑ creation of an archive and access to the protocols and chronicles that are stored in the database;
  • OPC AE ‑ monitoring ofsignal interruptions, actions of dispatch operators, etc.;
  • OPC UA ‑ combines the functionality of the above-mentioned specifications, allowing you to work with servers via the Internet;
  • OPC DX ‑ provides the ability to create gateways;
  • OPC XML ‑ data exchange via HTTP;
  • OPC Security ‑ editing of clients' permissions for access to databases;
  • OPC Batch ‑ management of prescribed tasks in the technical process.

The specifications include different functions. The choice of an appropriate version depends on the user's needs and goals.

How to purchase the software?

Our company is engaged in the development of programs for automation systems. Among the advantages of our products, it's worth mentioning the enhanced functionality within the framework of the OPC technology, as well as the flexible user interface. To order the OPC HDA client and other protocols, add selected items to your shopping cart and fill out the specialized form. For more information about our software, contact our consultants at the phone listed on the website.

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