OPC standard and integration


OPC standard and integration

OPC — is a system of programming technologies. It’s designed to ensure stable functioning of automated devices working on diverse platforms. The standard is a unified interface that allows controlling different devices from various manufacturers. OPC DA is considered to be the most widespread specification. It presupposes real-time data exchange. The last standard, OPC UA is also gaining popularity – it combines the functions of all previously released versions.

OPC programming technologies are widely used in automated systems of enterprise management. They reduce financial and time expenditures for development of all necessary applications. Thanks to a fixed set of functions, convenient data exchange among all system components is established.

The sphere of OPC servers application in organizations’ automatic control system (ACS) is pretty wide. The standards can be implemented at all management levels:

• low — Fieldbus and controllers;
• medium — shop floor systems;
• the level of Computer-Aided Process Control System — SCADA-systems;
• the level of computer-integrated manufacturing — applications for enterprise resource planning and management.

The gathered data is supplied to the OPC-client — it’s a higher management control.

To implement the opportunities of OPC technology, equipment supporting COM/DCOM standards is required. The application is installed on the top of the driver. Therefore, if AD converter’s card or another device is to be replaced, there’s no need to alter the application itself. Therefore, if a user installs a new driver, the interface will stay the same.

Where can the software be purchased?

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