Network testing with SNMP


Network testing with SNMP

The abbreviation SNMP is understood as a simple network management protocol. This is one of the most common solutions for automation in various organizations. It is widely used when working with complex stations, switches, routers, printers, etc. It allows you to manage any equipment operating on the basis of TCP/IP.

Testing features

One of the main SNMP functions is testing the capabilities of network devices. This allows you to get a complete picture of what is happening. For example, this protocol will help you find the approximate distance to faults in coaxial cables. A TDR test is provided for this. To run it, you need to set the value of the ifExtnsTestType variable. It must contain the type of test that is to be performed and its identifier in the MIB.

The results of the test can be determined from the final value of the ifExtnsTestType variable. It may indicate the following outcomes:

• full implementation,
• launching problems,
• stopping the test,
• successful operation,
• failure,
• no result.

Besides, the value of the above-mentioned variable can help determine the time interval between the beginning of packet transmission and packet loss. It is indicated in 100-nanosecond units. The results of the test help find the required distance.

How to buy SNMP OPC Server?

You can order SNMP OPC Server on the website. This is a useful software product that allows you to monitor the operation of the local network. The application provides access to information about traffic, line breaks and other errors.
Before you buy the software, study the system requirements carefully. Particular attention should be paid to the amount of RAM, processor speed and supported operating systems. To buy SNMP OPC Server, add the product to the cart and place an order. For more information about the software product, contact our manager. For any questions, please call the number listed in the “Contacts” section.

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