What is OPC DA?


What is OPC DA?

The term “OPC” is understood as the standard, designed to combine applications and equipment into a single system. It allows for interaction with various automation tools, compatible with different hardware platforms. The software standardizes interrogation of controllers, I/O boards, and other low-level hardware. In other words, it performs the driver function. It has the same set of interfaces that any software client is able to interact with.

OPC DA is one of the main standards of the described technology. It stands for “OPC Data Access”. Itprovidesreal-time accesstodata. This specification is meant for exchanging information between industrial equipment and a client program like, for example, SCADA system. OPC DA provides data on communication errors, system failures, and so on.

Peculiarities of the standard

OPC DA is a fully completed specification with unified architecture. However, when working with it, monitoring the version of this standard is necessary. Since 1996, the software has undergone a number of significant changes. Therefore, when choosing OPC server, it is necessary to pay attention to the supported OPC Data Access versions.

The benefits of OPC DA include the ability to connect to the local and remote hardware of different providers. The users are no longer tied to specific devices of a particular manufacturer. OPC technology makes it possible to use convenient and affordable applications and hardware.

How to order software?

Our company is a reputable automation and dispatching systems software developer. On our website, we provide free demo version of OPC DA client for an unlimited number of points, meant for familiarization and testing. To buy fully-functional software, fill the cart, leave contact details and complete your order. Our manager will call back to discuss the terms of delivery as soon as possible. Do you have any questions? Contact us by phone number, found in the “Contacts” section.

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