What is OPC-server and OPC-client?


What is OPC-server and OPC-client?

OPC standard is designed to organize the team-work of different automation tools. It is a universal mechanism for data exchange. It helps to integrate the equipment that operates in different industrial networks and on different platforms. Its basic task is to create of a unified dispatching system which might include controllers and input-output devices of any brand.

OPC server is a kind of physical hardware driver. The software receives data from all the devices in the system and converts them into OPC format. It responds to user requests and provides them with the information they need. Any OPC client can interact with the software.

OPC-client is a program designed to receive data from an OPC-server. It enables local or remote exchange of information in real time. The software makes it possible to connect to control systems located on OPC objects server.

Technology advantages

OPC standard is useful both to users and equipment manufacturers. It reduces the cost of development and release of various drivers, controllers and other electronic components. Companies may waive the purchase of multiple devices, replacing them with single OPC-server.

With the help of OPC-technology users can choose the kind of equipment with is most suitable for solving specific problems. It is no longer necessary to check the compatibility of devices or purchase industrial devices of the same manufacturer. Universal modular structure provides high functionality, flexibility and scalability. It is ideal for building management systems, corporate applications, IT-networks, etc.

How to purchase the software?

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